Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello world!

Hey, so I've noticed this thing that the kids are doing nowadays on the interwebs. It's called "blogging". And since there is an apparent lack of food-related blogs in the world, I've decided to fill that void with my thoughts on food, farming, and recipes. A Claire in the Kitchen (the blog) will be similar to A Claire in the Kitchen (real life): random, messy, full of advice, inspired, and often adorable. I'm giving out, free of charge, some of the best Claire's Kitchen-tested recipes, advice for the home cook, food-related current events and news bits, restaurant reviews, and my own philosophies regarding eating, farming, and cooking.

A little taste of me:
Claire is a 32 year old lady living on the northwest side of Chicago. She is a voracious reader and film-watcher. She is originally from Wisconsin, so she is a Green Bay Packers fan. She cannot help herself.
She recently married an amazing Dan in a tiny but gorgeous ceremony in Door County, Wisconsin. Their wedding cake was created by The Door County Bakery, and their reception was at the Whistling Swan Inn. The food was, of course, out of this world. Claire is not a professional chef. She just really loves cooking.


  1. We ate space food at your wedding?

  2. I can personally attest that a Claire once made some sort of roast wrapped in pastry --a roast wrapped in pastry, people!-- and it was one of the best things I've ever put in my mouth.

  3. I'm Claire's mother. Wish I could say I taught Claire how to cook, but I can't. She taught herself, fueled by interest, intellect and ambition. She is fantastic at menu planning and preparation, and she excells at adding or substituting ingredients on the spur of the moment that transform same-old same-old into Something Special. Um, she's also quite pretty, and has good hair, and did I say smart? Yep, really smart. And Dan, her husband, oh, don't get me started -- We love Dan...